Benefits of Having A Camping Toilet

Important Aspect of Camping That Most People Do Not Realize

Camping is a great way to bond with your family or friends while enjoying the great outdoors. There is something refreshing about moving away from the hustle-bustle of the city and going to a camp site. Just imagine all the fun you will have exchanging stories while huddled around a campfire or while watching the sunrise.

Despite camping being a great experience, a lot of people still hesitate about going on camping trips because of its perceived inconvenience. And that is true – camping does come with a couple of inconveniences, especially when it comes to going to the bathroom. You never know what bathroom facilities you will find in the campground and if you are going off-trail, there might not be bathroom facilities at all. This is where a camping toilet proves beneficial.

What is a camping toilet?

Benefits of Having A Camping ToiletA camping toilet is basically just a portable toilet contraption. It can take a variety of forms – from the simple, bucket-style portable toilet to the more sophisticated (albeit bulkier and more expensive) portable flush toilets. Camping toilets are ideal not only for camping trips, but for long trips in general, especially if the stopovers are few and far between.

What are the benefits of having a camping toilet?

Still not sure whether you should purchase a camping toilet for your next camping trip? Well, here are the benefits of owning one which might convince you to make the purchase:

1. Camping toilets are easy to use

Camping toilets come in a variety of designs, most of which require no set up. More complicated models require some set up, but minimal effort is required. It would not take more than a few minutes to set up the whole contraption. In addition to the minimal effort necessary in setting up a camping toilet, they are also very easy to use for children and elderly alike. Note that camping toilets, like traditional toilets, also come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can always find one that is the perfect height for members of your family. The elderly, in particular, will find camping toilets very easy to use since using one would not require them from squatting too low.

2. Camping toilets are a lot cleaner than outdoor toilets

Benefits of Having A Camping ToiletEven if there is a public bathroom in your camp ground, you might still have reservations when it comes to using them. While a lot of camp grounds try to keep their facilities as clean as possible, the truth is high-volume camp grounds just tend to have less well-maintained bathrooms especially during peak seasons. That said, bringing your own camping toilet is certainly more hygienic than using poorly-maintained bathroom facilities. If you are taking children with you on a camping trip, then hygiene is an even greater consideration. Letting children use a public bathroom may lead to sickness or infections. To avoid such eventualities, you can just bring a camping toilet with you.

3. Camping toilets are convenient and accessible

Sure you might find a camping ground with great bathroom facilities, but chances are these bathroom facilities are nowhere near where you are setting camp. While this may not pose as much of a problem for expert campers, this can certainly be a significant factor if this is your first-time camping or if you are bringing children with you.

Of course, you can always opt to set up camp near the camping ground facilities but doing so means not being able to explore the area completely. Having a portable toilet with you will allow you to stray away from the bathroom facilities and find great spots to set camp on while, at the same time, enjoying the convenience of having a nearby bathroom.

4. Camping toilets are versatile

Despite the term, camping toilets can be used in a variety of situations other than camping. For example, camping toilets, especially the screened variety or those which double as foldable chairs, can be extremely convenient if you are planning to go to populated festivals with very limited toilet facilities. You can also take the camping toilet with you if you are going on a long drive and unsure whether you will find establishments with bathroom facilities along the way.

Camping toilets might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you are preparing the things you should bring on your camping trip, but it is something you should definitely remember to bring. Trust me, a camping toilet can make your camping trip a lot easier and more enjoyable.