Top Hiking Trails In Europe

Top Hiking Trails In Europe

Many of us just think Europe is all about nice cities and rich history. But in reality, it is not the case. There is more than just sightseeing opportunities in this continent as you will observe that Europe is packed with many mountain ranges just like as Asia or South American continent. In fact, in Europe, you will have the opportunity to go to some world-class hiking spots. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the top hiking trails in Europe to ensure you are aware of every detail related to this small yet compact continent.

1. Italy

Top Hiking Trails In EuropeAlta via 1 (Dolomite High Route): The first hiking trail on our list is the Alta via 1, which is a 93-mile long hike. Here, you will be able to immerse yourself in the magnificent Dolomites mountain range. Additionally, you could pass by the battlefields from War I and remember the historic times when people were at war with each other. Not to mention, you will see the alpine lakes along with large mountain peaks and limestone cliffs.

Furthermore, Alta via 1 was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In that case, you will observe some extraordinary geology in the mountains, especially the rock formations. With lots of rifugios for hikers, this hiking spot is a heaven for them as they can rest and recuperate while hiking. Even you will get home-made food and bed here. As for the best time to hike on Alta via 1 is in between July and September. If you love peace, then you would be better off if you go in August when the crowd would be less.

2. France

Top Hiking Trails In EuropeTour du Vieux Chaillol: The Tour du Vieux Chaillol is not your conventional hiking spot where the hiking route runs between the high-altitude mountain valley of Valgaudemar and the scenic Champsaur. The peak of this hiking trail is in Vieux Chaillol where the altitude is at 3163m. In addition, the Tour du Vieux Chaillol is a wild and undiscovered hiking spot, allowing you to hike away from the crowds. Here, you will be able to enjoy the nature whilst enjoying the best and most beautiful creatures such as the chamois, deer, golden eagles, and wolves. You might also get the chance to see vultures, ibex, and wild boar as well.

3. Slovenia

Top Hiking Trails In EuropeSlovenian Mountain Trail: Slovenian Mountain Trail in Slovenia is a 310 hiking trail. Here, the hikers are hiking from 1992 and they always start from the alpine town of Maribor. After that, they start hiking on a classic journey by passing through mountain peaks and ridges. Then there are breathtaking valleys with Pannonian plains where you will get the taste of a true hiking adventure. While on a hiking trail, you could easily rest and relax at one of the 50 available huts.

Even you will find some museums, making your journey more historic. The trail links of this hiking spot include Pohorje, the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and Karavanke. Moreover, you will also hike on Triglav, which happens to be the highest peak in the country. If these are not enough, then the hills, plateaus, and the Mediterranean vineyards will make your journey more magnificent than ever.

4. Iceland

Top Hiking Trails In EuropeLaugavegurinn: The last hiking trail on our list is the Laugavegurinn, which in Iceland. It’s a smaller hiking trail than the above ones with only 34 meters to go. However, you won’t be bored since the entire trail is full of adventure. What’s more the word-Laugavegurinn’ means ‘hot spring route,’ meaning that the springtime here is hot. In that case, your hiking journey will be much more enjoyable than your expectation. All in all, this hiking spot is truly one of the best with an awe-inspiring landscape, vibrant and colorful mountains, active volcanoes and an expanse of glaciers.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the hiking spot you choose, the above ones are the top hiking spots in the world for their appeal and adventure. So, let us know if you have any suggestion by commenting below.